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Lake Isabella April 21 2019 Bass Trout Crappie Report

Planted rainbows getting action along with Berkley’s power bait,worms, i and spin baits.. Crappie are  in the South Fork with  minnows orjig...

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Lake Isabella May 12 2019 Bass Trout Crappie Report

Lake Isabella
Capacity: 50 percent
The bass are still in spawning mode but some are deep, so try to split the depth by using crankbaits  around 10-15 of depth.
Crappie is good but tappered off from high catches last few week since the absolute ‘red hot’ action of the past three weeks. Use live minnows or plastic grubs around Camp 9, South Fork, Rocky Point. You can get the minnows at the marina. Shor fishermen are doing well, too.
Call: Bob’s Bait Bucket 661-833-8657; North Fork Marina 760-376-1812; Golden Trout Pack Station 542-2816

Sunday, April 21, 2019

2019 Lake Isabella Fishing Map, Fishing Report, Hunting Clubs,private fishing bass, trout,catfish

Lake Isabella Fishing Map, Fishing Report, Local Kern Hunting Clubs,  fishing bass, trout,catfish and salmon:

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How to fish Lake Isabella &  Where to find Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Salmon and Trout

December 18th Fishing Report

Crappie bite is off, they have have gone into the deeper locations.Catfish are about the only thing biting. Lake is around 10% capacity.

It was back in the late ’60s that Lake Isabella made its reputation, mostly on  crappie. But a lot of the old-timers here will to tell you their main quarry is catfish.  Isabella is also famous for its problems with  wind, it makes a lot of sense to know how to bankfish for the  hefty cats here.
Must of the whiskerfish you‘ll run into will be  a perfect l- to 3-pound eating size, but don't discount the  possibility of finding a taxidermy-size specimen. Lake record catch, a whopping 30-  pound, 15-ounce channel cat that toppled the existing record  by almost three pounds.  Summer months will be prime time for catfishers, most along the South Fork  bank on night-  crawlers and other traditional baits.
 A lot of guys take their lanterns out there with their lawn  chairs and their ice chests, put a bell on their lines and fish all  evening for blue, bullhead,  channel and white cats at lsabella, with the best fishing in the  evenings.
Which can be another boon to sportsmen who want  to avoid temperatures that gel into three digits in late June,  July, August and sometimes September.    But while summer admittedly isn‘t the best time to fish  lsabella for bass or crappie, it‘s definitely worth a try  - it is no big deal to get a 10 pound bass out here anymore and almost all the largemouth bass are caught on boats.
Shore  fishers do get into some good bass fishing when fish are in the  shallows spawning, and when the lake level is high enough to  cover some of the structure at the north end of the north fork.  But usually they're taken on boats, and the best spots  will be the points and coves in both the North and South  Forks. 
Because the South Fork has only about 10 percent the  amount of Kern River system as the North Fork, the water  temperature can be as much as 5 degrees higher there. Because the water is warmer bass have  pretty uch finished spawning there early, so pay attention to the time of year.   
After the psawn, until the first of October,  the bigmouths will be suspended between 12 and 20 feet,  though they will surface from time to time. 
As for tackle, the word is "plastics."  Worms are what’re taking most of the fish  right now, and you should match the color with the color  the water. 
The lighter the water, the lighter the lure, and the darker  the water, the darker the lure is the rule.  Trying Rapalas, Rebels, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits  in fairly shallow water if you’re having trouble finding fish.
Hard work should pay off for those searching out the  crappie bite too. As is true for crappie at most lakes, once you  find a school, you can hook up a fairly long stringer. ,  Besides the North Fork, crappie hang out in the South Fork  trees and some of the coves, particularly Brown’s Cove.  Summer fishers should be able to pick up plenty of bluegill  too, fishing mealworms and redworms,  The best trout fishing at Isabella is in late spring and early  fall, but a few trout enthusiasts do troll deep along the face of  the auxiliary dam during the summer months looking for  rainbows.       

Lake lsabella  Facts:  Size: Lake Isabella offers 38 miles of shoreline  and 11,000 surface acres of water. The lake is  about eight miles long.  Species: Largemouth bass; channel, bullhead,  white and blue catfish; crappie, bluegill; rain-  bow trout. A few king salmon were planted in  the lake in fall of 1984 that will measure up to a  foot now.  Location: From Bakersfield (Located on I-5),  travel 178 East 45 miles to the town of Lake  Isabella, Take either Highway 155 to the North  Fork or continue on Highway 178 to the South  Fork .
Camping: Improved campsites offer water, hot  showers, flush toilets, picnic tables, barbeques  and shade trees. Several unimproved campsites are  also available for free that have water and pit  toilets. All sites are first-come, first-served and  space is plentiful except on holiday weekends.  Grocery stores, gas stations and other conveniences are available in the local towns. The  Isabella Marina located further up the North  Fork also has most services.  

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Lake Isabella April 21 2019 Bass Trout Crappie Report

Planted rainbows getting action along with Berkley’s power bait,worms, i and spin baits.. Crappie are  in the South Fork with  minnows orjigs, and soon will be in the brush.  Expect capacity conditions when snow begins to melt....